Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tiny Treasure #29

OK, I have to confess
Yes, I did it.
Just because I already have hundreds, maybe thousands of pastels . . . does that mean I cannot indulge my obsession for just a few more creamy colors? Of course not!! That's one of the perks of being an artist - just one more excuse to shop! Not that I love to shop - like for clothes, shoes - that's way too boring. But when it comes to paint or pastels - look out!

The other night I logged onto Dakota Pastel Art (located in Mount Vernon, north of Seattle) and found a set of Holbein pastels that was a perfect mix to add to my collection. My collection of pastels includes Schminke (my favs), Rembrandt, Unison, Sennelier (all of which are round) and a few Holbein.

What I like best about Holbein, is that they are square. What a novel idea! And they aren't quite as soft as Schminke, but softer than Rembrandt . . . and the colors are deliciously sensual!

My latest "Tiny Treasure," Picker's Cabins Study 4 uses quite a few colors from my new set of Holbeins. My challenge for this piece was to paint the sun dappled buildings in such a way that they "glow."

Picker's Cabin Study 4
Pastel 12x9" $75.00

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