Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tiny Treasure #30

This scene is reminiscent of landscapes you will find in Italy or France, but is found in North Central Washington state, USA near Pateros on the mighty Columbia River. We never take the Columbia for granted, those of us born and raised here in the Wenatchee Valley. It is one of our natural treasures and is used to irrigate thousands of acres of farmland, and provide all kinds of recreational opportunities. The Columbia is a wide gentle river, flowing from Canada through Washington into the Pacific Ocean near Portland, Oregon.

I wanted to portray the calmness I saw that day by how smooth I layed on the pastel in the lower part of the painting. Those of us who really know the Columbia, know that it isn't always that gentle. Those of us who jet ski on her. Or kayak. Or waterski.

Once you're in the water, you can feel the mighty tug of the current, pulling you ever south, towards the ocean. Of course you'd have to go over several huge hydroelectric dams before getting there!

The challenge I gave myself with this small study was to see if I could create the distance from one shore to the other. The shrubbery on this side of the river is crisp and clear, with good contrast. The vineyards and trees on the other side are less clear and have less contrast. Standing back from the painting about 10 feet is a good test . . . looks like it works!

Vineyards on the Columbia
10x8" Pastel $75.00

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