Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orange on Blue

Yes, another Tiny Treasure already!

These are the gems that we artists hope will spring from our brushes each time we begin again ~ that's the fun part about creating - anything - art, writing, crafts, landscapes - you really never know exactly how your little treasure will turn out.

My main focus was to try to create the intense glow of the light coming through the slice of orange on the left - to get that rich 'orange' color. I think I hit it pretty well. After all an orange really isn't 'orange' is it? What colors did I need to mix to echo that intensity.

The composition of this small piece is fantastic. I spent quite a bit of time moving objects around until I hit on this. The knife is the key. Can you see it? The line it creates to pull your eye right into the most important part of the painting? How it divides the surface into two sections?

And then the shadows pull it all together. There is a touch more color in the shadows than shows here in the photo. See detail below. You can be confident that the color is much better than shows here.

I will keep this one for my personal collection ....

"Orange on Blue" Oil on panel
Tiny Treasure #70
8x10" NFS-

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