Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peach Pie

Yes, I do love orange. It's peach orangey yellow this time with some alizaron crimson mixed in for that touch of pink.
My goal with this piece was to capture the reflection off the back side of the peach onto the knife - always a challenge... and to compare the softness of peach skin to the unyielding of a knife blade.

I love that the leaves were still attached. My friend at work brought fresh peaches from her tree and I instinctively grabbed the peach with the leaves still attached, knowing it would end up in a painting.
The knife that is appearing a lot lately is one of a set that was a gift from my husband when we were first married - over 38 years ago now. The small circle on the handle of the knife reflects the color and shape of the peach. The handle is worn and bleached with many memories.

"Peach Pie" 8x10
Tiny Treasure #72
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks P.T. of Wenatchee, WA
First person to email me
will receive an invoice from PayPal with tax and shipping incl.
Please include "Peach Pie" in the subject line of the email.

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