Friday, January 02, 2009

Frog Pond I

So you want to see an artist in action? Take a look at "Frog Pond I" revised here compared to my first attempt below. The one below was just nagging me to paint over it and simplify the design. So I obliged! That was fun! Sorry if you wanted the other piece. It is now buried beneath this one!

Did anyone else love frogs as much as I did growing up? My 3 siblings and I were constantly collecting pollywogs and growing them into frogs in our respective bedrooms! It was so much fun watching little legs sprout and tails eventually fall off and their little bodies reshape themselves into tiny frogs. Our own science project right before our eyes!

Well, then, you can imagine my childish glee when I discovered a frog pond in the middle of our Italian Villa's huge lawn! It is filled with lily pads and lilies, and reeds that filter sunlight into a mosaic pattern laying on the surface of the pond. It wasn't until I was quite close that I saw a quick movement and heard the familiar 'plop' of a frog jumping into deeper water. Throughout the 14 days of our stay I tried my best to sneak up on the pond so I could see a frog or two, but they were always a jump ahead of me.

This oil is from photos and sketches of that pond, moving objects around to emphasize the designs and exaggerate the colors I find so appealing as an artist. I will be doing several pond paintings so if you are looking to add some Tiny Treasures to your collection, a "frog pond" painting or two would be perfect!

"Frog Pond I"
8x10 oil on panel $100
Tiny Treasure #88
The first person to email me at claims "Frog Pond I"
and will be sent an invoice with tax and shipping included. Please put "Frog Pond I"
in the subject line of the email.

Sorry, the painting below is no longer available -
I've reworked it and the new one is above.

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