Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daring Daisy

Daring Daisy is my Tiny Treasure #100 !!
I love this painting. I didn't always. It began like some . . . a "normal" still life. Boring. I picked at it. Stood back. Picked some more. Nope. That's not good. Scrub, scrub. Whoops. Washed out some more. Soon the foreground was gone and the underpainting sat there like a proud masterpiece.
I pushed in some timid pale yellow, hit the flower with some powerful red orange, scrubbed more from the upper right. Yes! the stem and shadow now disappear nicely. A touch of blue on the left to echo the shadow of the stem, and to cool off the daisy.

8x8" oil on panel.
Thank you all for being my fans.
Sorry, but I'm keeping this one for myself.
Watch for TT#101 ~ Jennifer


Jo Reimer said...

I like this one very much, Jen. It's got presence, a lot of presence for a small painting. I do enjoy your work.

pattrsnd said...

Well...I see why you're keeping this, it's very cool! I was sure hoping you were going to show up in Bellingham - so we could finally meet you Jennifer!! I guess it will have to be a future exhibit. :) We loved your "stripped" abstract...very colorful. :)