Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Storm

Happy mom's day . . . I have loved clouds all my life - even though they sometimes bring rain and thunderstorms. As children we used to sit in our living room that looked out over the Columbia River and the hills surrounding our beautiful Wenatchee Valley and watch lightning strikes start fires! Then I found Eric Sloan - a master cloud painter. No one comes close - but I sometimes try. Here is a plein air (painted out of doors) piece I did yesterday from my yard. As you know, even on a calm day, clouds change quickly so you have only a few moments to commit to the composition and paint away! The day was very bright so it was difficult to see if I was capturing the colors. I brought the painting into my studio and was pleased that, yes, I captured them pretty darned good! What do you think? See the detail below.
"May Storm" 8x10" oil on panel $80.00 Tiny Treasure #104 !
First person to email claims this painting and will be sent a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added. Thanks!

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