Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Turn" Me On

This was painted from a challenge at "Daily Paintworks."
"'Turn' Me On" 9x12 Oil on Panel $150.00 unframed.
First person to email claims this painting and will
receive a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added. Please put "Turn Me On" in the subject line.

Rules: Get a timer. Divide your canvas or canvases (I used 1-9x12 panel) into 4 small squares (or rectangles). Choose ONE object. Just one. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Paint your object in the first square. When the timer goes off – stop! Go to next square. Repeat until you are done. You can rotate your object and/or change the light for each new square. This challenge forces you to ignore details and focus on shapes and values.


Robert Spannring said...

HEY You Nice Painting!! I need to try that challenge! This painting is a total Turn ON! HAhaa

David Patterson said...

You had me at "Turn"!! Ha! Great work as usual Jen!