Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poppy Blues

"Poppy Blues" didn't come easy. I asked. Silence. I pleaded. Laughter. I scribbled. And played. Scrubbed. Pink or Red? No orange. Bring up the dark. Poke in a spot of yellow. I am still using reference material from our NPS Paintout on Whidbey Island last summer. This is from Lavender Wind Farm - a working lavender farm that sells the most wonderful lavender ice cream bars covered with the world's best chocolate!
"Poppy Blues" 8x8" pastel is for sale in my gallery at Daily Paintworks.


Barbara said...

Very nice!

David Patterson said...

Beautiful, Jen! I love the direction of the strokes, and the vibrant color!

Carol Nelson said...

I really like the abstract quality of this and many of your other paintings.
Beautiful colors and composition.