Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Terry Ludwig Pastels

WOW...after using these gorgeous pastels for 5 days they are blowing me away! I hand-picked these babies as Terry looked on...the most distinguishing feature of these pastels is the soon as you pick them up your fingertips sport the transferred color...and then there is the color itself...lush bold true. Here is a Southwest scene I did yesterday in Lorenzo Chavez' workshop. You can tell they layer beautifully as well.


Pointy Bird Studio - Leesa Padget said...

Beautiful work Jen, I am so glad I found your blog...Leesa

joanne Willoughby said...

Ludwigs are by far my favorites! can't beat the colors. I haven't tried a lot of brands, but I always gravitate back to Ludwigs. said...

Just saw this today - stunning!