Saturday, October 11, 2014


I've been having such fun with my 10-minute paintings ... A great exercise to help you stay loose, make quick decisions (helpful for Plein air painting), leave a trail to show your journey, and stop before you cover up a masterpiece! This is a demo I did for my students at Emerald Art Center in August. I love the abstract quality of this ... Often achieved because you literally don't have time for details... I also like to leave some of the underpainting showing through... Lucky is she who snagged this during the workshop!
"Three Orange Pears" done in ten minutes ... 6x12"  Another thing that giving yourself a time limit does is keeps you from going back and fiddling with it . . . Although on a couple of these I did tweak for a few more minutes.... Not this one and the radishes above was actually done in 8 minutes!
My 10-Minute daisies . . . This was a little more involved and 8x10" 
I like the subtle indication of Baby's Breath in the bouquet...
Really love this piece... 10 minutes here... With these quick pieces you must be bold with your strokes and leave the alone...  6x6" "Bruised Ego" 

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