Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's been a while since I painted a large pastel ... so here you have it -
"Proud Patriot" - now finished after some minor changes. Thanks Silvia Forrest, a Facebook friend, for giving me the idea for a title! She said "This makes me think of the American flag." 18x24" pastel on UArt. Absolutely love painting cacti - there's so much variation, shapes, and colors - and of course I change up and add colors anyway. This will be entered in an upcoming exhibit - hope it gets in!


Dabblerteer said...

Best looking cactus I've ever seen. Stunning.

Diana Hobson said...

Gorgeous colors! This piece of art is so vibrant and I could see it looking really pretty framed on the walls of a otherwise plain and “clean” styled home. Love it!