Sunday, November 01, 2015

2016 Workshops are Shaping Up!

“The Beauty of Imperfection”
Pastel Workshops with Jen Evenhus

We throw perfection out the window, giving us permission to use an impressionist abstract
style employing simplification, bold strokes, exaggeration, mark-making and
happy little accidents as we explore shapes, design, space and color in
these intense 3-day workshops with PSA Master Pastelist, Jen Evenhus.
Each workshop has its own "theme" or "focus" like “Finding Your Voice,"
"Less is More" and "Mood, Magic, Melody." 

There will be demos, timed exercises, drawing, painting,
one-on-one coaching, group critiques, and more painting.
Emphasis is always on composition, value, and movement.
We won’t create pretty pictures -
we’ll create dynamic, eye-stopping masterpieces!

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