Thursday, December 10, 2015

Imperfection at its Best


"Sentries On Loop Trail" began as a thumbnail from a photo reference I shot years ago. For me, photo references are just a jump-off point: I will move objects around, make trees larger or smaller, change the color scheme and make up my own mood. This one was no different! My thumbnail was about half size, I used a marker and 3 colors to block in shapes. Then from there, I changed it even more, asking myself . . .
"What if ...."   "What if I made the trees all black?"  "What if I used just three colors?"  "What if I made those short trees tall?" and this happened ....   Remember, pastels are pure pigment and can last hundreds of years. Feel assured you will enjoy this painting for your lifetime and your children will as well.  6x12" Pastel 

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Colours by sheri said...

Beautiful Jen, I love the composition.