Friday, January 27, 2017

"Dangerous Footing"

"Dangerous Footing"  6x6   oil on panel     $200
I've loved rock formations all my life - I think because they have fabulous design elements.
My mom also loved rock walls and cliffs - we often took trips over to Ellensburg so we could stop along the way and shoot pictures of the basalt cliffs along the freeway . . . an endless reference for abstract paintings . . . I also look for designs in the hills and mountains I hike.
"Dangerous Footing" comes from one such time - last Fall, I was hiking up Icicle River trail - reveling in the exorbitant oranges and reds of the foliage, and the last remnants of the green along the trail. This bit of rock was close to the river and slick from the spray . . . I always look for good compositions that the rocks and plants offer - this was painted over a 'revived panel' - an old oil painting that I sanded off with a rough sandpaper, leaving a ghost image that you can see in several places ... click on the image and enlarge to see the details ... painted exclusively with palette knife, I love the mark-making that happens when you push paint around with a knife!
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