Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Overnight Visitor"

"Overnight Visitor" 8x10 ...palette knife on revived panel ... this is the view right outside my studio - you can see the far mountains and some of the orchard behind the grasses.... this surface is an old oil painting that I sanded off, leaving a ghost image - the yellow sky here is totally from the old image - and you can see the texture and colors from the old painting on the left and lower left along with other areas, like the foreground snow if you look closely you can see it peeking through...  I've enlarged a couple areas for you to look at - below: the top one shows some of the underlying texture and how I used the palette knife and punched in some grasses with the palette knife, and the bottom detail shows a lot of the old painting texture and color underneath! "Overnight Visitor" is available at $300 - just contact me and I will email you an invoice.  (c)Jen Evenhus

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