Friday, January 27, 2017

"Things to Come"

"Things to Come"  6x6" oil on panel   $200   SOLD
I have a rose bush. (that just reminded me of the narration for the movie 'Out of Africa' - one of my all-time favorites!) Actually a couple rose bushes that produce the most beautiful and sometimes, in the Fall, the most strange looking roses. After the first frost, they turn more pink, and have dark pink/magenta spots but part of the rose is yellow! But I love them - I think because they are not "perfect."  My mantra is "The Beauty of Imperfection"TM and I use that in all my Workshop titles.
These roses have a spunky personality - they can be meek, they can be arrogant, they are at once old fashioned and contemporary. "Things to Come" signifies the new bud unfurling while the blossom on the right fades ...  add "Things to Come" to your collection

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