Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Bumper Crop - Tiny Treasures #19 & #20

Cherry Harvest in Washington State is risky business with sudden rain storms and hail, then unbearable heat, threatening to split those still on the trees. But this year we had a bumper crop and when my husband brought home a sack of ripe bings, I couldn't resist the challenge of painting them.

I wasn't sure if I could actually make them appear shiny, delicous and the right color, my goal for these two tiny treasures, but when I step back, I've accomplished just that! They look good enough to pluck off the page and pop in my mouth.

These two studies would look awesome together,
above a sidetable or in your breakfast nook.

Cherries Study 1, above,
oils, 7x5", $75.00. SOLD

Cherries Study 2, right,
oils, 5x7", $75.00. SOLD

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Jennifer Evenhus said...

Thanks Denise for purchasing these fun studies. They'll add some spice to any room you decide to hang them. Or just put them on a side table in the dining room! Enjoy!