Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tiny Treasure #28

Isn't it amazing how different pastels can be from oils!
When I painted the picker's cabins in oils, I knew I wanted to keep it loose and emphasize the different colors of "white." Then when I completed this pastel of the same subject, it just blew me away that they can be so different.

It could be the colored ground I used with this pastel. I began with a bold orange/red ground that would tie the painting together. I also allowed the cabins to remain more colorful and less "white."

I also added figures and a picker's bucket, giving the
painting a different "feel."

Picker's Cabins Study 3
8x10 Pastel $75.00

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tiny Treasures 26 & 27

There's white and then there's WHITE.

Ah yes. White. A fabulous color. These two Tiny Treasures forced me to REALLY look at the whites in each of the individual picker's cabins. At first glance, you would say they are white. Yet on closer scrutiny, I discovered each cabin exuded its own character hidden within its WHITE.

So, I accepted the challenge to portray each of their attitudes. One was a funky shade of melon white, another was a mellow guacamole white, and yet another was a crisp starched cotton white.
Now you're getting the idea of WHITE.

Picker's Cabins
1 $75.00
first person to email me claims this painting
you will receive a PayPal invoice

How fun would these two Tiny Treasures be,
sitting in the bedroom of your beach-side cottage,
or on your baby grand piano - bringing a
chorus of WHITE into your life!!

Picker's Cabins
Study 2


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Keeping it Simple

I have good intentions of keeping my artwork simple. Like, can you count the brushstrokes in one of my small oils? You should be able to count them and see where one stops and the next begins. That's what is so fun with this project of mine: "Tiny Treasures."

I paint many different subject matters, but the real subject is the paint itself. Take a look at this small piece of my pond. Keeping it simple.
From the detail you can see the brushstrokes. That's what I'm talking about. Now that's fun!
"Cerulean Dusk" is still available.
5x7" Oil $75.00 Buy Now

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Midnight Beauty

My artwork is my life preserver. Endless possibilities present themselves with each blank canvas ~ offering me simple joys only artists experience. August 2006 surrounds me with stifling heat and a panic I knew would come. Every parent knows it's inevitable ~ the day when your “baby” leaves home. Sure they left home for college. It’s not the same. She kept coming back. Then. But now she has moved out. Into an apartment all her own. Oh, sure, she’s 24 and I’ve enjoyed her company for way longer than many parents . . . but . . . but ~ just another year. What’s wrong with that?

Yes, she’s more than ready. But am I? I guess I don’t have a choice. I know I’ll be fine. I just am not sure of the definition of “fine” right now. I’m not sure of a lot of things right now. And you’ll say that’s normal ~ the empty nest syndrome.

Which reminds me . . . it was one of those God-things. As she was packing and we were going in and out of the house, she walks in holding an empty bird’s nest that she had found. Perfectly shaped. But empty. I held it in my hands for a moment, then placed it on a shelf in my living room where I can see it every day.

God’s message ~ loud and clear ~ give her wings.

So I did.

And so I paint. Today’s offering is a study of an iris from my huge flower bed of irises – I must have hundreds of plants – but to capture the color and attitude of a single iris is quite a challenge. I’ve just begun to explore their peculiar shape and regal stance.

Midnight Beauty
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