Friday, April 11, 2014

"Bittersweet Promise"

FAB to get back to the easel after a few days off ... "Bittersweet Promise" 8x8 pastel.
I wanted the contrast of neutral against bright color - love it! Love the curve of the stems and the shapes punched into the black in lower right corner. $100 plus tax and shipping. SOLD thanks Laura Jo


Sandi Graham Pastels said...

What paper do you use and what pastels are your fave Love your work . How do you package paintings to ship ?
Hope you don't mind the questions .thanks

Kris said...

Love your style. Also wonder if you frame and glass pieces and how you package them to ship. I've had some good and bad luck with ups.

Jen Evenhus said...

Hi Sandy
I mostly use UArt sanded
I usually sell paintings unframed. Keeps my prices down and framing is so personal it's better for the client to choose his own frame. Watch this blog for more info on shipping pastels unframed.

Jen Evenhus said...

Thanks Kris - see my other comment to Sandi about shipping ... usually ship them unframed.

Sandi Graham Pastels said...

Thanks for the info. I sure will be watching your wonderful blog.

Elizabeth Carr said...

Love this, Jen! I'm currently teaching a floral still life in watercolor class, so really am enjoying your florals in pastel.