Friday, June 13, 2014


Checking my photo reference for composition and "rule of thirds" ... an easy way to do that ...pull it into Photoshop and pull the lines from the ruler to the approx. 1/3 positions to check the intersection points...on this one I can see that I'll want to move the top rose to the right just a bit... On my easel right now ...

Thursday, June 05, 2014

OK BIG CHANGES... I love how this talked to me and gave me permission to trash it in order to explore its possibilities... and I like it much better now - I was willing to let it go rather than "settle" on a piece that just wasn't working ... that circle form was pulling the eye in too much so had to get rid of it... I just started pushing in pastel, nice and thick, going over and over different sections - really changed up the composition - scrubbed out parts, softened others, just right now!
"Marsh Madness"  12x18" Pastel on UArt 320

IMAGE FROM BELOW WITH MORE CHANGES ... Subtle but I like them ... Notice I still have my signature there ... like I'm done! Something just isn't sitting right with me... Then .... See above


ON MY EASEL a couple evenings ago ... lots of action here ...this was originally a vertical but turned it around and like it better this way... The joy of abstract!