Friday, January 27, 2017

"A Subtle Stillness"

"A Subtle Stillness"  5x7  oil on panel    $200  SOLD
This is the hill behind our home - endless clouds dance overhead - a Fall scene with the hillside dry from an endless summer. I love the color of sagebrush - not green, not blue . . . but sage . . . you can see the sage color in the "revived panel" underpainting - from an old sanded down oil painting on the lower right . . . the hill and upper left is mostly underpainting, showing a ghost image from the old image. Add this one to your collection - it will look fabulous in a plein air floating frame - 

"Dangerous Footing"

"Dangerous Footing"  6x6   oil on panel     $200
I've loved rock formations all my life - I think because they have fabulous design elements.
My mom also loved rock walls and cliffs - we often took trips over to Ellensburg so we could stop along the way and shoot pictures of the basalt cliffs along the freeway . . . an endless reference for abstract paintings . . . I also look for designs in the hills and mountains I hike.
"Dangerous Footing" comes from one such time - last Fall, I was hiking up Icicle River trail - reveling in the exorbitant oranges and reds of the foliage, and the last remnants of the green along the trail. This bit of rock was close to the river and slick from the spray . . . I always look for good compositions that the rocks and plants offer - this was painted over a 'revived panel' - an old oil painting that I sanded off with a rough sandpaper, leaving a ghost image that you can see in several places ... click on the image and enlarge to see the details ... painted exclusively with palette knife, I love the mark-making that happens when you push paint around with a knife!
Add "Dangerous Footing" to your collection -

"Things to Come"

"Things to Come"  6x6" oil on panel   $200   SOLD
I have a rose bush. (that just reminded me of the narration for the movie 'Out of Africa' - one of my all-time favorites!) Actually a couple rose bushes that produce the most beautiful and sometimes, in the Fall, the most strange looking roses. After the first frost, they turn more pink, and have dark pink/magenta spots but part of the rose is yellow! But I love them - I think because they are not "perfect."  My mantra is "The Beauty of Imperfection"TM and I use that in all my Workshop titles.
These roses have a spunky personality - they can be meek, they can be arrogant, they are at once old fashioned and contemporary. "Things to Come" signifies the new bud unfurling while the blossom on the right fades ...  add "Things to Come" to your collection

"Prelude to a Storm"

"Prelude to a Storm" 11x14" on panel   $450
Last Fall we joined friends for a trip to the Oregon Coast, so was able to get a lot of photo and sketching reference for my  Tidepool series . . . Here we are looking down over a cliff onto the rocks below the resort where we stayed. I made several changes to the shape of the outcropping and added rocks to the right hand side to balance ... then I wanted to lighten the top and as I layed in a neutral color with the palette knife, it turned into a giant wave! So much fun to just see what happens! Add this to your collection by emailing me at

"Veils Over Low Tide"

"Veils Over Low Tide"  8x8" oil on panel.
Working on my Tidepool series here ... The colors here are neutral but powerful and the movement of the crashing waves makes for a dynamic painting. This was painted entirely with a palette knife. If you click on the image and enlarge it, look at all the wonderful little accidents that happen when you pull a paint-loaded palette knife across another layer of paint, especially in the upper water area. You just cannot get that effect with a paint brush! This one will stay in my collection for a while.

"What Lies Beneath"

"What Lies Beneath"
8x8" oil on panel - painted with a rag!
I've been doing a few more oils this winter, playing with alternative tools - this one was done with paper towels - and I used a rubber tool with "teeth" to add some random marks/lines. Totally fun to see what kind of effects I can use without using a paint brush. This is part of my Tidepool series...
Available at $250 - contact to claim.

Monday, January 16, 2017

"Unexpected Shelter"

"Unexpected Shelter" is a study in shapes and texture of the sagebrush 
poking through the snow that covers the hillside behind our home.
I used a lot of different colors for the snow - if you compare the white
surrounding this image to the snow, you can see that it isn't just white - it is violet,
blue, gray and magenta! "Unexpected Shelter" is 5x7" done with a palette knife on a
previously painted panel that I sanded off using very rough sandpaper -
it lends a fabulous underpainting texture/color!
See the underpainting and color of snow in the 2 detail photos below. 
"Unexpected Shelter" is available at $200.
Email and I will email you an invoice.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Overnight Visitor"

"Overnight Visitor" 8x10 ...palette knife on revived panel ... this is the view right outside my studio - you can see the far mountains and some of the orchard behind the grasses.... this surface is an old oil painting that I sanded off, leaving a ghost image - the yellow sky here is totally from the old image - and you can see the texture and colors from the old painting on the left and lower left along with other areas, like the foreground snow if you look closely you can see it peeking through...  I've enlarged a couple areas for you to look at - below: the top one shows some of the underlying texture and how I used the palette knife and punched in some grasses with the palette knife, and the bottom detail shows a lot of the old painting texture and color underneath! "Overnight Visitor" is available at $300 - just contact me and I will email you an invoice.  (c)Jen Evenhus