Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Aspen Dance" Sells in NYC

I am happy to report that "Aspen Dance" sold recently at the Pastel Society of America's 40th Open Juried Exhibit in New York City. I am sorry to see it go as I am with all of my work, but I'm sure it will have a fabulous home back East! The exhibit hangs in the National Arts Club Gallery in Gramercy Park So. through Sept. 29, 2012.

Transitional Home Project

The paintings are painted, they are photographed and framed and ready to be gifted.
Ah, the feeling! I am humbled they want to hang my work to enhance the surroundings!
They will hang in a transitional housing complex for those who had been hospitalized for mental illness, where they come for short stays until they are back on their feet, and have a job.  Proud to have my art there!
Each piece is 8x10" pastel on uArt sanded paper with turp wash undercoat.

 "Peony Sunrise"
 "Peony Noon"
"Peony Sundown"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Albuquerque or Bust Project

I'm going to the IAPS Convention in Albuquerque next June 2013 - I have wanted to attend the International Assoc. of Pastel Societies Convention for over 10 years - And - I'd like your help!
It will cost me about $2000.00 for the trip and I would love to sell enough paintings to cover the cost of the trip. If you have your eye on one of my paintings - now is the time to claim it. I will be posting some artwork here that you may like to add to your collection.
If you'd just like to donate - that would be awesome too! Click on the 'Donate' button to the right to donate $10 or more and follow the instructions. Thanks so much for supporting the arts!!

 "Summer Hike"  8x6" pastel on LaCarte  $175  framed w/double mat 
Would be a fabulous color piece anywhere in your home or office. Email to claim this piece. Please put "Summer Hike" in the subject line, include your name, address, ph#, and email address and I will email you an online invoice to pay with a credit card.

Monday, September 03, 2012

"Early Snow Late Harvest"

Here is another from Wenatchee Heights. I love the shapes and sparseness of the hills. At one point I thought I was done working on this. I waited overnight and looked again. Yes, it's good. I shot some photos. Looked again. No - I won't settle - my eye kept going back to places where I didn't want my eye to go. I took it back to the studio. I layered a deep yellow over the pink in the mid-ground. Highlighted the road on the left more. Added highlights to the snow fields. Put a few touches here and there, lightening a shrub here, highlighting a hill there. And pow! that is what it needed. I'm so glad I didn't settle! This painting will look fabulous with today's contemporary wall colors and furnishings.
"Early Snow Late Harvest"  14x11" Pastel on LaCarte  $275.00 unframed
SOLD Thanks Rob T. of Lopez Island
Email to claim this painting. Please put "Early Winter Late Harvest" in the subject line and I will email you an online invoice that you can pay by credit card. Please include your full name, address, ph#, and email address.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

"Crimson Truth"

"Crimson Truth" completed this morning - 11x14" Pastel on LaCarte
The strokes in the water give this depth and I really like the layers in the reeds...
 $525 framed w/double mat  SOLD Thanks Don L. of Wenatchee