Monday, March 30, 2009

Villa Vines

Villa Vines is my Tiny Treasure #98!! Two more and I will attain my first goal of 100 Tiny Treasures. My Tiny Treasures have accomplished two other goals I set for myself. The first is to become a better painter. Painting quick and small is a great way to "play" with paint, color, and composition. The other goal was to provide great artwork to the general public for a reasonable price. I hope you are all enjoying owning these small paintings. Be sure to tell your family and friends about them and send them my blog address so they, too, can sign up to be on the Tiny Treasure list! See below for a detail of "Villa Vines."
Villa Vines 8x8" oil on panel SOLD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rockin' Radishes

"Rockin' Radishes" is one of those paintings that doesn't come along very often. I love the composition with the placement of the round shapes of the radishes and the shadows that hold it all together. I also love the way the greens all blend together at the top - losing the detail. My digital camera has a bit of a problem capturing the reds, so you can expect that the reds are more true than shown here. The detail below shows the fun brushwork.
"Rockin' Radishes" 8x8" oil on panel $100.00
SOLD Thanks P.Meras of Port Orchard

Vino Time

"Vino Time" went through a couple transitions before I was satisfied with it. The first one, the branches were too intrusive, the second, the grapes were too detailed, so after doing a little scubbing and moving things around this is how it ended. See the detail below.
"Vino Time" 8x8" oil on panel $100.00
First person to email me at claims this painting and will be sent a PayPal invoice with shipping and tax added. Please put "Vino Time" in the subject matter of the email.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Radish Riddle

Bunches of radishes. What glorious shapes to paint. Loved this composition and the attitude of the long root curling into the light. And the shadows form their own pattern.
This square format is really fun to work with. See the detail below.
"Radish Riddle" Oil on panel 8x8" $100
SOLD Thanks Ellen R. of Washington D.C.
First person to email me at claims this painting
and will be sent a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added.
Please put "Radish Riddle" in the subject line of the email.