Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Olives and Lavender

Ah, the colors of Italy. To paint an olive tree. I've seen olive trees in movies but to see them first hand is another thing entirely. They look more like large bushes with bluish green foliage. And to mix the color of the olive tree is truly a challenge. I like to take it more to the blue side of the color wheel as you see here. This is a scene of a house surrounded by olive trees and umbrella pines in the background.

"Olives and Lavender"
5x7 oil on panel $250 framed
Tiny Treasure #87
Available at Gallery 4 South, Wenatchee

Fall Light in Lucca

"Fall Light in Lucca" is a typical scene of Lucca. I was thrilled to finally be in Lucca since it is the setting of my novel I've been writing for over 5 years. In my imagination, the town was small and quaint, but in reality Lucca is a large city with its own unique personality. Because we were only there for one day of which 3 hours were spent painting, I didn't have much time to immerse myself in the lifestyle and 'feel' of my surroundings. It was all hustle bustle and business as usual for the town inhabitants. See below for a detail of the painting. This painting is a gift so is not for sale. "Fall Light in Lucca" is Tiny Treasure #86.

Fall Morning in San Casciano

"Fall Morning in San Casciano" was a kick to paint. I loved pushing the paint around and leaving it on thick as butter. The color of many of the buildings is the color of real butter. I loved the contrast I got between these two buildings, one in sunlight, the other in shadow.

While I was in Italy two friends did double duty at work to cover for me, so this and "Fall Light in Lucca" will be gifts for them!

Be sure to click on the photo to see it larger. And you will see a detail of it below.

This is Tiny Treasure #85
Oil on panel.

Fall Vineyard

This is Tiny Treasure #84 and is another from Italy. This vineyard is part of the estate where we stayed just outside of Florence. The vines were just beginning to turn when we arrived and continued to get more colorful each day. This piece was also done as a commission.

Palms and Lavender

This is Tiny Treasure #83 and is a view from Michelangelo Square overlooking Florence. Our group of painters spent the day here painting the Duomo and the bridges and of course I chose to paint other views as well. Palm trees are one of my favorite subjects to paint.

This painting was done as a commission.

Friday, November 28, 2008

San Casciano Visit

San Casciano was the first hill town we visited. Our Italian bus driver, Bruno, quickly became a friend and 'tour guide' to us all. Speaking in broken English, he would describe important sites as we sped by, narrowly missing this motorbiker or that mini cooper. He was insistent that we be back at the bus at exactly 4:00 because they didn't like him to park for longer than 10 minutes!

I managed to be late only once the whole time, and that's only because I found an art store in the town of Lucca, 'my town.' I say that because I am actually writing a novel that is based in Lucca - one of the reasons I went to Italy.

Anyway San Casciano - wonderful open air markets, delicious food, and wonderful reference material for paintings! The colors! So rich and unabashedly slapped on buildings creating mosaic patterns that are a joy to paint. Just another excuse to push paint around!

Here you see the view when you turn your back to the marketplace. Click on images to enlarge.
...below is detail of painting

"San Casciano Visit"
Oil on Panel $100 SOLD Thanks P.T. of Wenatchee
First person to email me at claims this painting and will be sent an invoice from PayPal with tax and shipping included. Please put 'San Casciano Visit' in the subject line of email.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Walk to Villa Poggio

Memories of my journey to Italy bloom daily, offering rich hues and tantalizing aromas just as if I were sitting once again on the spacious lawn of our Villa looking out over the frog pond. The kitten would jump in my lap and beg for attention. Children giggled in the distance. Our chef offered a symphony of kettle music.

These little jewels will all turn into Tiny Treasures that I hope you will enjoy over the next several months. Here is one that is a view on the way back up to the Villa from the main road after being dropped off by the city bus.

"Walk to Villa Poggio"
Oil on panel 5x7" $100.00
First person to email me at claims this painting and will be sent a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added. Put 'walk' in subject line.

Detail of the painting.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Home from Italy

Jenessa has returned from Italy

What an adventure I was blessed with.
Italy of course is known for its 'light' and
truly it is 'different' from anywhere I've been.

I have realized one of my dreams. It wasn't always easy but it was always marvelous. We worked hard at painting. Laughed until we cried. Enjoyed being spoiled by our own personal chef every night. Lived for 14 days in our own Villa with views straight out of "Under the Tuscan Sun." Traveled and painted in Monteriggioni, Lucca, Voltera, San Gimignano, Florence, where we met 'David,' Michelangelo's sculpture, and more. We shuddered at the traffic and the motorbike riders who never hesitated to pass us whether or not there was a corner or hill ahead, knowing that somehow they'd be fine! We marveled at our weather in October - several 80 degree days! And, best of all - shared wine, hard-boiled eggs and stories with long-time friends and made new ones, both whom have changed my life!
Here you will see several paintings I painted while I was in Italy. Right now I am not willing to sell them. They will be my memories. But I may well create prints of a few of them.

If you are interested in owning a print of one of these paintings, let me know which one you are interested in. Do come back often as I will be painting more Tiny Treasures using my reference notes and photos.
Again, thank you all, my Tiny Treasure fans for supporting the arts!

Jennifer (Jenessa)

(painting at top - "Volterra Morning")

Italy Palms at Michelangelo Square (overlooking Florence)

Villa Poggio Vista (looking out towards Florence from our Villa)

Volterra Afternoon (same view as Volterra Morning but using complementary colors)

Monteriggioni Geraniums (this is a common sight in Italy - flowers in windows)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Cafe Italiano

OK, don't you just LOVE this plate!!?? It is so interesting - luscious Italian colors (yes, Italy, here I come!!) hand painted with quick strokes, just like my paintings! After painting the plate and the cup, the daisy was a challenge because if I painted the daisy as I intended at first, it would overpower the plate - but the plate says, "it's all about me!"
And I agree - it's all about the plate and the contrast between the plate and the tablecloth it sits on - a rich deep turquoise - like the Baltic Sea -
The daisy still has a voice of its own - as you can see it was painted simply - after two hours of wiping it off and repainting it 6 or 7 times - I lost count. I think I finally got it right, the opening in the top petals was the key - to let it breathe.

"Cafe Italiano" Oil on Panel
8x10" $200.
Tiny Treasure #75
First person to email me
claims the painting and will be sent an invoice
from PayPal with tax and shipping added.
Please put "Cafe Italiano" in the email subject line.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Daisy Latte

Delicious Daisy Latte to kick off your morning. The challenge here was to not get too detailed with the daisy - cause it was the contrast between the shadow side and the sunlit side that attracted me.
And the cup was such fun to paint - I am working on being totally spontaneous and loose! The more abstract with paint strokes the better.
A perfect gift . . .
"Daisy Latte" 8x10"
Oil on panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Julie G. of Wenatchee
Tiny Treasure #74
First person to email me claims
this painting. Please put "Daisy Latte" in subject line of email.
You will receive a PayPal invoice with tax
shipping included.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dawn Daisy

Love the fact that the daisy is "falling off" the page, but that's what gives this piece so much energy - it kind of puts the viewer off center - but the dark shadow on the right balances it out.

This is a great color piece that would be wonderful in a bedroom or kitchen to spice up the space. Get a couple throw pillows with the orange and magenta colors and WOW - how fun!

"Dawn Daisy"
Tiny Treasure #73
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Ellen R. of Washington D.C.
First person to email me at
will receive a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added.
Please put "Dawn Daisy" in the subject line

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peach Pie

Yes, I do love orange. It's peach orangey yellow this time with some alizaron crimson mixed in for that touch of pink.
My goal with this piece was to capture the reflection off the back side of the peach onto the knife - always a challenge... and to compare the softness of peach skin to the unyielding of a knife blade.

I love that the leaves were still attached. My friend at work brought fresh peaches from her tree and I instinctively grabbed the peach with the leaves still attached, knowing it would end up in a painting.
The knife that is appearing a lot lately is one of a set that was a gift from my husband when we were first married - over 38 years ago now. The small circle on the handle of the knife reflects the color and shape of the peach. The handle is worn and bleached with many memories.

"Peach Pie" 8x10
Tiny Treasure #72
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks P.T. of Wenatchee, WA
First person to email me
will receive an invoice from PayPal with tax and shipping incl.
Please include "Peach Pie" in the subject line of the email.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August Orange

There's something about orange.

The color I mean. I must not use it much.

I will now - it is luscious! And so many variations of 'orange' to play with. To squish around on the panel, push into each other, creating yet another wild 'orange.'

Again my goal here was to create the 'juiciness' of an orange. Can you taste the orange? The aroma has permeated my small dining room studio, daring me to take a bite before I'm finished painting it.

I rather enjoyed looking closely at these slices - noticing the lime green edges, the touches of blue on the shadow side. Again I emphasized the composition - the skeleton of a painting - the knife creating an energetic diagonal with the circular motion of the plate upon which the slices are perched.

Because I paint in such a loose style, you will continually see something new within these Tiny Treasures. A perfect color spot for your home or office!
"August Orange" 8x10 Tiny Treasure #71
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Don R. of Wenatchee

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orange on Blue

Yes, another Tiny Treasure already!

These are the gems that we artists hope will spring from our brushes each time we begin again ~ that's the fun part about creating - anything - art, writing, crafts, landscapes - you really never know exactly how your little treasure will turn out.

My main focus was to try to create the intense glow of the light coming through the slice of orange on the left - to get that rich 'orange' color. I think I hit it pretty well. After all an orange really isn't 'orange' is it? What colors did I need to mix to echo that intensity.

The composition of this small piece is fantastic. I spent quite a bit of time moving objects around until I hit on this. The knife is the key. Can you see it? The line it creates to pull your eye right into the most important part of the painting? How it divides the surface into two sections?

And then the shadows pull it all together. There is a touch more color in the shadows than shows here in the photo. See detail below. You can be confident that the color is much better than shows here.

I will keep this one for my personal collection ....

"Orange on Blue" Oil on panel
Tiny Treasure #70
8x10" NFS-

Cup 'n Pear

I'm sure some of you other artists have gone through major remodels while trying to retain your sanity and continue to slap paint on panel - hoping not too much dust settles on the surface before you finish . . . well, that's right where I am right now - my 'little' studio is in my dining room, but seems to be working well from the results I'm getting lately.

I love the intricate hand-painted design on this cup and at one point had it quite detailed, but stepping back, it commanded much too much attention, so off it came with a quick swipe of my stiff brush. I wanted to focus more on the inside of the cup and the attitude of the pear.

A small challenge as always was the handle - an odd angle when looking down. I love some of the subtle edges that have happened around the upper left of the cup.

This is a perfect piece for your kitchen or sitting room!
"Cup 'n Pear" Oil on Panel
Tiny Treasure #69
8x10" $100-
SOLD Thanks Tracy C.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Mamma

I had a great time painting this piece!
The peppers at the grocery were huge
and the colors were so vibrant!

This piece is 8x10"
Oil on masonite

"Hot Mamma"
$100. +tx+shipping
First person to email me at
painting. Put "Hot Mamma" in the subject line.
You'll receive an invoice from PayPal.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Italy Project 6

I have succumbed to the seduction of abstract painting. I've done abstracts before, but most of my work has been abstract impressionism - but these are so enticing - color studies - exciting textures, and metallic paints give them character all their own. Using acrylic paint allows me immediate results - I don't need to
wait for the
oils to dry to layer and scrape and manipulate the surface!
Each of these Tiny Abstract Treasures is 5x7" and $50.00 +tx+shipping.
These small color spots are perfect for home or office. Group several or give as a unique gift.
first person to email me claims this painting
you will receive a PayPal invoice
Remember all proceeds go towards my trip to Italy in October! Thanks!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Project Italy 5

Good Saturday morning everyone! We finally have sun in the Wenatchee Valley and expectations of 70 degrees today! We have "enjoyed" the coldest April in years and the cherry growers are wishing they owned vineyards!

But, I kept warm in my studio, painting and dreaming of Italy in October where it should be about 70 something each day as we paint and view historic paintings, sculpture and buildings. I can't wait!!
Here is a fun little piece of poppies, one of my favorite subjects. A great color spot for anywhere in your home or office.

"Poppy Chorus" 5x7 oil on panel
Sorry - given away!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Project Italy 4

Brushstrokes are the magic that make a painting come to life. In this small piece, you can feel the energy of this small cottage because the strokes were layed on with confidence and boldness. I began this piece en Plein air last Fall, but when I brought it into the studio it literally fell flat - it had no character! So I tried to ignore it
until this weekend, when it finally called to me -

So I gave it new life - added fat brushstrokes and rich color - and wow! How fun was that!!

Visit my website to view a closeup and see all the luscious brushstrokes!

Every day I drive by this little house that I believe was a picker's cabin in its better days. I pray that they don't tear it down - it just sits there in an open field with this wonderful huge tree behind it, lonely, waiting. I'd like to move it onto my property and turn it into a playhouse or a small studio. Then it would be at "home."
[and now yes, they have torn it down - so disappointing]

"Pickers Cabin 5" $100. + shipping +wsst
First person to email me
will receive a PayPal invoice. You don't need a PayPal account either!
All proceeds go towards my October Italy trip.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Project Italy 3

My exhibit at Lemolo's Cafe and Deli (across from the Performing Arts Center on Wenatchee Ave.) was hung Saturday, thanks to the fantastic help from my daughter. We hung 23 paintings. There are 4 large oils, and the rest are pastels in a variety of subject matter. It's a kick to see them all together.

If you live within an hour's drive of Wenatchee, WA, it's worth planning to have lunch or dinner at Lemolo's Cafe and enjoy wonderful cuisine and fine art all in one location. If you're traveling through Wenatchee, pause and view this exhibit. It is a cafe whose walls are covered in eye candy, artwork full of dancing brush strokes and extreme color!

Don't be afraid to invest in your emotional future and take one of the pieces home. Hang on your wall and let it fill your soul. You will have invested in my future as well, as all proceeds go towards my trip to Italy in October.

Ahh, now I can get back to the easel. And it will be an easel holding a large white canvas just waiting for the magic provided by a brush and paint, a little imagination and a lot of determination. I can't wait to see where it takes me. I can't wait to show you!

Come back soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dancing Brush Strokes

Project Italy is on the back burner for one more week as I finish framing 11 new pieces for my one-woman exhibit at Lemolo's Cafe in Wenatchee, WA during March. I am framing some of the pastels I created during a paint-out on Lopez Island, WA last August.

Also included will be some recent figure paintings. I want to do more figure work because it draws me - not the portrait type, but the shape of the body, the abstract possibilities with fabric and interior settings. Watch for more figure work in my Tiny Treasures.

I will also be showing some of my large oil paintings. These oils are a little more abstract than my pastels. You will enjoy the color and movement in each of them.

So if you are in the vicinity of Wenatchee during March, stop in at Lemolo's at 114 N. Wenatchee Ave. and have lunch and enjoy my artwork and maybe enhance your home with a piece of artwork. All sales go towards my trip to Italy in October 2008.

Lemolo's is open 10:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Project Italy 2

Good morning. The sun is filtering through our pasture fence as it outlines the ponies with liquid gold and throws chilly orchid shadows a hundred feet beyond their hairy bodies. Their chin whiskers have grown long with frozen dew, but their eyes remain warm and alert.
I wonder if they too, look towards Spring.

Project Italy #2 "Midnight Pears" 8x10" Pastel $80.00 + wsst + shipping

The first person to email me claims this painting and will receive an invoice by PayPal (you don't need an acct)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Project Italy

So here we are in 2008, 7 years after I first decided I must go to Italy. Because I'm writing a novel set in Lucca and the Tuscany region. Because I'm a writer and an artist and isn't that where all artists go? Well, some of my closest artist friends have gone there the last several years, so this is THE year for me. I've decided. That's the first step, right? Planning to go. Commiting that green stuff that says, yes, I'm serious.

Well, you can all help. I will be painting more Tiny Treasures in hopes of selling more and putting that all towards Italy. It'll be a "send your favorite artist to Italy" project.

So here we go. The first Tiny Treasure for Project Italy.
"Morning Pears" Pastel 8x10" $80.00 +wsst
SOLD thanks Jennifer P.