Sunday, July 08, 2012

"Abrupt Arabesque"

"Abrupt Arabesque" held my attention even after leaving the studio - haunting my dreams with its mystery and depth. My inspiration, believe it or not, was a photo taken up Icicle a year or so ago, of leaves and rocks at the edge of a stream. I loved the patterns in the image, but knew it would not remain "leaves" and "rocks." I blocked in the image, it was still leaves and rocks.  I blocked in the colors - still leaves and rocks.  Frustrated, I stepped back to ponder my next move. Painting is often like playing chess. Deep thought required. Skill and fearless moves are master. Make it or break it - my favorite move - is what this painting needed. So after a night pondering and a morning waiting, I entered the studio, knowing what I needed to do. The image below is the before painting - that point when the painting needed something but I wasn't sure what. Compare the painting below with the completed painting above. See what I mean? The upper left corner changed. The middle yellow area painted over, more highlights. I darkened the small yellow spot at top middle right. Added more yellow area to the left middle. A spot of yellow to the bottom.  All these subtle changes "make or break" a painting. These "made" this painting.  24x18" on LaCarte.

Abrupt Arabesque - Before

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