Sunday, April 26, 2015


"APPEARANCES" 6x6 oil on panel ... the challenge here was to make these little
jars look like glass. I pushed the pink polish off the page to give it an uneasy feel...
love the black shadow and dark gray of foreground.

$220 includes tax and USA shipping. Copyright Jen Evenhus

Cut 'n Tagged

So much of my life is intertwined in the lives of other people ... this shows the country life that we live on our mini-ranch, and on the ranches of friends and family. When I was ten years old, I babysat 4 kids all summer to earn $100 with which I purchased my first horse. I've been in love with horses and the western lifestyle for as long as I can remember. My daughter even owns a small herd of cows that are bred each year, give birth in the spring and are then "Cut 'n Tagged" - cut, branded, dehorned, and ear tagged. This small piece shows a young calf after the chore is done. I love the diagonal movement here and the abstract shapes of the other calves in the background.
"Cut 'n Tagged"   6x6" oil on panel  $220  SOLD  Thank you Theresa in Oregon