Monday, December 31, 2007

Letting Go in the New Year

A new year brings new ideas. New aspirations. New goals. As usual I have tons. Along with new ideas and new goals I must let go of one of my passions because of my health. My fiddle has been my companion for six years now. I've loved the journey of learning to read music and to play the violin. It allowed me to have a "voice" in the music world, as I cannot carry a tune with my singing voice, and I will desperately miss the feel of her in my arms.

Because of neck and shoulder pain caused by playing the fiddle which resulted in migrain headaches I must lay her down indefinitely so I will be pain free in order to pursue my first and second passions ~ art & writing.

I rejoice in the time I have allowed myself by letting go. Time to spend at the easel to throw color on the page. To experiment with shapes, lines, marks. To continue the pursuit of the perfect composition, the perfect values side by side. Yes, a lifetime pursuit. But what else is there?

Please visit often to view new work.
Here is a new piece I've just finished. Still untitled.
It is not for sale yet. It will go into an upcoming exhibit, but watch for more of my "Tiny Treasures" to add to your
collection of original artwork.
Happy New Year

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Plein Air Painting in the San Juans

The highlight of my year so far was the NPS Lopez Island Paint-Out I attended in August. I haven't been much of an outdoor painter in the past, but this turned me into a die hard groupie! Visit to see a couple of mine (Lopez Dawn shown here) and

What a blast we had. It was a total adventure, from the search for the perfect location to trying to keep the painting out of the sun so our colors would read correctly. And then there was the "after hours" networking (eating fine food and drinking wine) and visiting (much laughter) to art talk (more wine) and late night giggles (caused by the wine).

There were about 35 Northwest Pastel Society members who gathered on the beautiful, "wave-to-everyone going only 25mph" Lopez Island to bond and smear pastels around on a sheet of paper in the hopes a masterpiece would emerge. I have to tell you, many masterpieces emerged to the surprise of their authors. To view some of these masterpieces visit

I found myself bonding with not only old friends and new, but with the island itself. When you are "in" the environment, you "see" it better, you "feel" the colors, and can't wait to get up the next morning to create another "masterpiece."

If you've never tried Plein Air painting, don't wait another day, load up your materials and hit the road. It is amazing out there!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Evenhus Painting Wins Major Award

~Special Announcement~
Evenhus Painting Receives Major Award
“Settin’ Forms” received the President’s Award of $500
at the Northwest Pastel Society Members’ Exhibit
Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes, WA

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tiny Treasure #50

This is a milestone for me.
50 Tiny Treasures!
50 little masterpieces!

Well, they haven't all been masterpieces, but there have been many. More than if I hadn't begun this project of Tiny Treasures. More than if I had just washed the dishes and fixed dinner like so many women do - afraid to begin. Afraid to pick up that pastel. Afraid to pick up that pen to begin writing a story. Afraid.

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to be afraid. Take the first step in this wonderful journey that is LIFE! Live it. Today. Not tomorrow. You will thrill your soul. Your spiritual soul. Your child soul.

I have had a wonderful journey - and it just gets better and better as I experiment with color and different grounds. This pear is a good example of how a different "ground," or paper can make a huge difference in the look of your work.

Enjoy this small piece in the corner as it surprises you with more and more colors from many layers - each catching the light as it filters across it morning and evening.

One Pear $75.00
Pastel Painting on Panel

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiny Treasure #46

Ah, it's good to be back. I've been hard at work in the studio painting larger pieces for some upcoming juried shows this summer. Enjoy this new Tiny Treasure - a simple old tractor. They don't make 'em like this any more, but this one is still running!

We have one similar to this and it's a real workhorse!
The small oil painting is a simple study to be enjoyed
by those who have memories of the farm.

"Tenacious Tractor"
Oil Painting $75.00

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tiny Treasure #44

A Pear Shape

I just love the shape of pears. Plump and so many shades of yellow, green, brown and gold! Don't you just love the color in the shadow of this pear?

Pastels enable me to keep the artwork simple and loose - creating a kaleidoscope of color that blends miraculously as you step away from the painting. How fun would this pear be to greet each morning as you sip your morning latte.

"Pondering Pear"

You can own it for

only $75.00

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tiny Treasure #43

An early thaw revealed a whole park full of leaves caught in an early snow, and then revealed again, still warm with Fall colors.

I like the contrast between the
cold of the snow and the
warmth the leaf exudes.
"First Snow - Study 1"
Pastel - $75.00

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, Same Old Passions

I consider myself a blessed person because I have a passion. Actually I am twice blessed because I have more than one passion!

My first passion of course is art. Painting, drawing, thinking. It's an all consuming passion, one that lives inside me, one that is me. It's who I am. My Tiny Treasures project has been a huge success in 2006, selling 22 paintings. Let's make 2007 even better . . . if each of you invite one special friend to sign up for my "Tiny Treasures Email List" we can make sure more people enjoy original art in their homes this year!
This marine piece is "San Juan Companions" and is SOLD. See other work in my BLOG or go to my website

My second passion is writing. The simple act of combining words to create new worlds, thoughts, characters, stories. To think that one is allowed to write is incredible. What would happen if your cat were allowed to write his thoughts down? I know - that's weird, but writers sometimes think like that. We are allowed to think different thoughts. I'm working on my first novel.

My third passion is the fiddle. Yup, I play the violin. For five years now. I love it! I just need to work on learning the flats now. I play fiddle music, gypsy, and would love to learn some jazz, too.

My fourth passion is my horses. I love horseback riding. Always have. I can remember standing in the front room of my house as a young girl, maybe 6 or 7 and overlooking a horse in a pasture and asking my parents "why can't we have a horse here?" We lived on 1/2 acre and I was only 6 mind you. But I was determined to have my own horse. So when I was 10 years old, I babysat 3 children (were the parents out of their mind?) one whole summer and made $100. With this I purchased my first horse - "Peppy," a yearling filly. That was my first mistake. Never purchase an unbroke horse for someone who doesn't even know how to ride! (What were my parents thinking?) But it all worked out. I've had several horses since and now live on a mini-ranch of 8 acres with 2 horses, so I can look out my window and see them anytime I want!
What is your passion? 2007 is your time, make it count!