Tuesday, August 23, 2011

20 Paintings Continued in Studio - Painting Fourteen

"Secret Path"  Same location different view. As we explored this treasure by the sea, we traveled down a path that leads all the way out to the point. Love the tall grasses and the wildflowers. I wanted to use bold strokes and keep it simple, but also wanted to capture the "soul" of the location. What do you think?
"Secret Path"  $300.00 Framed   8x8" Oil on panel   
See at Gallery 4 South, Wenatchee, WA   Contact 509.470.7714

20 Paintings Continued in Studio - Painting Thirteen

"Ebey's Inlet" birthed from this favorite view many of us painted from. I began this piece like any other traditional landscape and it quickly wore the "landscape like everyone else's landscape" coat. Totally not me. So I dove in, as I am wont to do, knowing full well I might "ruin" the painting (the painting that really needed to be ruined) or "make" the painting.  Nine times out of ten, when I do that, I make the painting. I let go and just paint. Love this piece. It has energy and it's alive!
Ebey's Inlet  10x8"  Oil on panel. $325.00 SOLD thanks Gallery 4 South
See at Gallery 4 South, Wenatchee, WA   Contact 509.470.7714

Sunday, August 07, 2011

20 Paintings Continued in Studio - Painting Twelve

"Daisies in Lavender" was totally fun to paint. There's lots going on so it was a challenge to work with groupings of flowers instead of individual ones and I used the grasses as a connecting element with the direct complement of purple (yellow). There is quite a bit of negative painting in this small piece.
8x8"  oil on panel  

20 Paintings Continued in Studio - Painting Eleven

Another study from Stevens Pass - love the shape of the trees and the distant mountain with a little snow left at top. This is an 8x10" oil on panel. These small pieces will soon be for sale at auction. Check back to see how you can own an original!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

20 Paintings Continued in Studio - Painting Ten

My Paint-Out continues, but as a Paint-In. This wonderful small oil is a scene on top of Stevens Pass. The clouds were literally sitting on the mountain creating fantastic shadows and crazy highlights where the sun kissed the snow field. Was so much fun to get back to my oils and mix just the perfect colors!  Ahhh...
Stevens Pass Snow Fields  8x10 oil on panel  $150 unframed
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20 Paintings in 5 Days - Painting Nine

Well, the Paint-Out is over and the 5 days have come and gone. We all painted our hearts out. My goal of 20 paintings was not realized but that's alright. I'll just carry the next eleven over into my studio using photo reference from Whidbey. It's the perfect temperature and no equipment to carry!

But I will miss my friend and painting buddy Pat Meras who kept me in hysterics all night, much to the dismay of our sleep deprived neighbors down the hall. We plan to write a novel about our experience at Camp Casey, using all of our painter friends as characters in this mystery comedy! It will be a best seller for sure!

This is my last piece, finished yesterday morning under a damp overcast Whidbey sky. I set out to look for a scene to paint and found one I liked just outside of Coupeville after stopping for a hot caramel chai.

I was about half way done and this older gentleman stopped, got out of his rig, and walked toward me. My hand slipped into my pocket where the mace spray was as I cordially greeted him.
He says, "I'm just curious, out of all the wonderful places on Whidbey Island to paint, why you would choose this particular view!?"  I laughed and pointed out the virtues of this location. The interesting shapes of the stand of trees, the colors in the foreground, the Albert Handel sky. I think I was trying to convince myself more than him. After telling me about Ebey landing and how fabulous that location was, he bid farewell and wished me good luck, not knowing that I had been at that location just the day before!

This was another great experience with my friends from the Northwest Pastel Society. Just hanging out with 30+ artists who have a passion for the same thing I do is inspiring. Watching other artists paint always informs your own painting, even if you don't realize it, and being asked to give painting advice to others is truly humbling.

Thanks everyone for adding to the magic of the last 5 days.