Monday, March 31, 2008

Project Italy 4

Brushstrokes are the magic that make a painting come to life. In this small piece, you can feel the energy of this small cottage because the strokes were layed on with confidence and boldness. I began this piece en Plein air last Fall, but when I brought it into the studio it literally fell flat - it had no character! So I tried to ignore it
until this weekend, when it finally called to me -

So I gave it new life - added fat brushstrokes and rich color - and wow! How fun was that!!

Visit my website to view a closeup and see all the luscious brushstrokes!

Every day I drive by this little house that I believe was a picker's cabin in its better days. I pray that they don't tear it down - it just sits there in an open field with this wonderful huge tree behind it, lonely, waiting. I'd like to move it onto my property and turn it into a playhouse or a small studio. Then it would be at "home."
[and now yes, they have torn it down - so disappointing]

"Pickers Cabin 5" $100. + shipping +wsst
First person to email me
will receive a PayPal invoice. You don't need a PayPal account either!
All proceeds go towards my October Italy trip.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Project Italy 3

My exhibit at Lemolo's Cafe and Deli (across from the Performing Arts Center on Wenatchee Ave.) was hung Saturday, thanks to the fantastic help from my daughter. We hung 23 paintings. There are 4 large oils, and the rest are pastels in a variety of subject matter. It's a kick to see them all together.

If you live within an hour's drive of Wenatchee, WA, it's worth planning to have lunch or dinner at Lemolo's Cafe and enjoy wonderful cuisine and fine art all in one location. If you're traveling through Wenatchee, pause and view this exhibit. It is a cafe whose walls are covered in eye candy, artwork full of dancing brush strokes and extreme color!

Don't be afraid to invest in your emotional future and take one of the pieces home. Hang on your wall and let it fill your soul. You will have invested in my future as well, as all proceeds go towards my trip to Italy in October.

Ahh, now I can get back to the easel. And it will be an easel holding a large white canvas just waiting for the magic provided by a brush and paint, a little imagination and a lot of determination. I can't wait to see where it takes me. I can't wait to show you!

Come back soon.