Wednesday, January 28, 2015



"Slice of Life"   6x6"  oil on panel  SOLD
"Gabby Gala"   6x6"  oil on panel  SOLD

"Cobalt Crisp"   6x6"  oil on panel  SOLD
"Hot Spiced"   6x6"  oil on panel   NFS

"Deer Trail"

"Deer Trail" - out walking a few days back, I always bring my cell phone to snap
shots that might turn into paintings. The day was dreary, cold, gray. But the main
thing I look for is shapes and composition - because I always change my colors up
anyway...  love the sagebrush Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - every season they have
their own shape, color, character and now that it's winter, it simplifies the landscape.
You can barely see the deer prints in the snow . . . I began with a hot underpainting
of bright pink and painted over it with darks, greens, lavendar and a light Terry Ludwig
that looks like white, but is a warm light ...  12x18" pastel on UArt.

"Cave Creek Comrades"

"Cave Creek Comrades" birthed out of my trips to Arizona. Cave Creek is a favorite destination for
 exploration, restaurants, shopping and running into these prinkly guys. 12x12 pastel.  $285 SOLD
I can remember the first time I visited Arizona. I stopped on the main drag out of Scottsdale to photograph the blooming cacti in the median. Cars were zipping by me at a pretty good clip, but I was oblivious, so intent on the gorgeous blooms and nasty spikes -
even got poked a couple times and they remained in my leg for about a week!

"Shifting Silence"

"Shifting Silence" is one of those that took off in a different direction than
I began with, I just held on for the ride!  12x18" pastel on UArt.
This will be entered in a few exhibits this year.

"Dawn on Coyote Trail"

"Dawn On Coyote Trail" - one of my favorite recent pieces. 9x12 pastel on Uart. Will be entering this in a few shows this year...


"Brown Bag Lunch"  9x12                         "Transparent Triplets"  9x12
"Friendly Fuji's"  9x12
 Having fun with apple shapes, colors and shadows. "Brown Bag Lunch" was taken
from a quick smart-phone camera photo while I was having my lunch. I changed
a few things up, the shape of the chunks and where the seeds sat, to create a
better composition. Composition is always #1 with me.

"Cheerful Cherries"

"Cheerful Cherries" 8x9" pastel on UArt - love this bright red Terry Ludwig! $150 SOLD

Friday, January 02, 2015

"Gramp's Ride"

"Gramp's Ride" is another 10-minute painting ... plus an extra 10 minutes! A bit larger than my usual 10-minute paintings - 12x12" on UArt. I love old trucks and cars - they have so much character - this old truck holds a truckload of memories!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

"May Quest"

"May Quest" A ten-minute painting ... love the challenge of working against the clock - amazing the results you can get when you aren't too careful - all those happy accidents! 9x12" pastel on UArt