Sunday, January 05, 2014

Arches of Myst

An incredible experience this afternoon...loved the journey this took me on: I began with the ambiance and colors from this mornings simple landscape... And then listened to my muse...
Lots of painting, scrubbing, smearing, thinking, waiting...
"Arches of Myst"  16x24  NFS for now

"October Burn"

"October Burn" is my impression of when I was in Italy in October 2008 and they had just completed harvest of the olives and they were burning the pruned branches - love the colors of olive trees and the atmosphere caused by the smoke.
"October Burn"  9x12 on UArt   $240.00 Available on Daily Paintworks


BACK AT the easel ... I close my eyes...take a deep breath to get in touch of my emotions and my exhaustion...took a piece of charcoal to the page...listening to my muse...choosing colors of exhaustion, quiet, solitude yet strong .... at the easel - where I should be.
"Awakening"  12x16" UArt   NFS