Monday, September 01, 2008

Cafe Italiano

OK, don't you just LOVE this plate!!?? It is so interesting - luscious Italian colors (yes, Italy, here I come!!) hand painted with quick strokes, just like my paintings! After painting the plate and the cup, the daisy was a challenge because if I painted the daisy as I intended at first, it would overpower the plate - but the plate says, "it's all about me!"
And I agree - it's all about the plate and the contrast between the plate and the tablecloth it sits on - a rich deep turquoise - like the Baltic Sea -
The daisy still has a voice of its own - as you can see it was painted simply - after two hours of wiping it off and repainting it 6 or 7 times - I lost count. I think I finally got it right, the opening in the top petals was the key - to let it breathe.

"Cafe Italiano" Oil on Panel
8x10" $200.
Tiny Treasure #75
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