Monday, December 31, 2007

Letting Go in the New Year

A new year brings new ideas. New aspirations. New goals. As usual I have tons. Along with new ideas and new goals I must let go of one of my passions because of my health. My fiddle has been my companion for six years now. I've loved the journey of learning to read music and to play the violin. It allowed me to have a "voice" in the music world, as I cannot carry a tune with my singing voice, and I will desperately miss the feel of her in my arms.

Because of neck and shoulder pain caused by playing the fiddle which resulted in migrain headaches I must lay her down indefinitely so I will be pain free in order to pursue my first and second passions ~ art & writing.

I rejoice in the time I have allowed myself by letting go. Time to spend at the easel to throw color on the page. To experiment with shapes, lines, marks. To continue the pursuit of the perfect composition, the perfect values side by side. Yes, a lifetime pursuit. But what else is there?

Please visit often to view new work.
Here is a new piece I've just finished. Still untitled.
It is not for sale yet. It will go into an upcoming exhibit, but watch for more of my "Tiny Treasures" to add to your
collection of original artwork.
Happy New Year