Saturday, June 20, 2015


During my recent workshop in New Braunfels, Texas, I showed my students how to create multiple landscapes from one photo reference... Pastels are perfect for these quick studies that sometimes turn into masterpieces! I sometimes don't know what I have until I step back 20 feet... I was working on "Indian Camp Melody" as a demo and kind of struggling with it, until one of my students said... Jen, step back here (12 feet away) and look at it. I stepped back and it came alive!  Always remember to step away from your work and also to take a break from it... Come back in a couple hours... Your muse may just put the finishing touches on it while you're away!   All images © Jen Evenhus

"Dusk On Wild Turkey Road" © Jen Evenhus 

"Fresh Snow On Tyee Loop" © Jen Evenhus 

"Indian Camp Melody" © Jen Evenhus 

"Full Moon On Wolf Draw" © Jen Evenhus 

 This photo reference is under strict copyright and is only to be used in my workshops. Students and others may not use it as their reference outside the classroom.