Friday, August 29, 2008

Daisy Latte

Delicious Daisy Latte to kick off your morning. The challenge here was to not get too detailed with the daisy - cause it was the contrast between the shadow side and the sunlit side that attracted me.
And the cup was such fun to paint - I am working on being totally spontaneous and loose! The more abstract with paint strokes the better.
A perfect gift . . .
"Daisy Latte" 8x10"
Oil on panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Julie G. of Wenatchee
Tiny Treasure #74
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this painting. Please put "Daisy Latte" in subject line of email.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dawn Daisy

Love the fact that the daisy is "falling off" the page, but that's what gives this piece so much energy - it kind of puts the viewer off center - but the dark shadow on the right balances it out.

This is a great color piece that would be wonderful in a bedroom or kitchen to spice up the space. Get a couple throw pillows with the orange and magenta colors and WOW - how fun!

"Dawn Daisy"
Tiny Treasure #73
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Ellen R. of Washington D.C.
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will receive a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peach Pie

Yes, I do love orange. It's peach orangey yellow this time with some alizaron crimson mixed in for that touch of pink.
My goal with this piece was to capture the reflection off the back side of the peach onto the knife - always a challenge... and to compare the softness of peach skin to the unyielding of a knife blade.

I love that the leaves were still attached. My friend at work brought fresh peaches from her tree and I instinctively grabbed the peach with the leaves still attached, knowing it would end up in a painting.
The knife that is appearing a lot lately is one of a set that was a gift from my husband when we were first married - over 38 years ago now. The small circle on the handle of the knife reflects the color and shape of the peach. The handle is worn and bleached with many memories.

"Peach Pie" 8x10
Tiny Treasure #72
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks P.T. of Wenatchee, WA
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will receive an invoice from PayPal with tax and shipping incl.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

August Orange

There's something about orange.

The color I mean. I must not use it much.

I will now - it is luscious! And so many variations of 'orange' to play with. To squish around on the panel, push into each other, creating yet another wild 'orange.'

Again my goal here was to create the 'juiciness' of an orange. Can you taste the orange? The aroma has permeated my small dining room studio, daring me to take a bite before I'm finished painting it.

I rather enjoyed looking closely at these slices - noticing the lime green edges, the touches of blue on the shadow side. Again I emphasized the composition - the skeleton of a painting - the knife creating an energetic diagonal with the circular motion of the plate upon which the slices are perched.

Because I paint in such a loose style, you will continually see something new within these Tiny Treasures. A perfect color spot for your home or office!
"August Orange" 8x10 Tiny Treasure #71
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Don R. of Wenatchee

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orange on Blue

Yes, another Tiny Treasure already!

These are the gems that we artists hope will spring from our brushes each time we begin again ~ that's the fun part about creating - anything - art, writing, crafts, landscapes - you really never know exactly how your little treasure will turn out.

My main focus was to try to create the intense glow of the light coming through the slice of orange on the left - to get that rich 'orange' color. I think I hit it pretty well. After all an orange really isn't 'orange' is it? What colors did I need to mix to echo that intensity.

The composition of this small piece is fantastic. I spent quite a bit of time moving objects around until I hit on this. The knife is the key. Can you see it? The line it creates to pull your eye right into the most important part of the painting? How it divides the surface into two sections?

And then the shadows pull it all together. There is a touch more color in the shadows than shows here in the photo. See detail below. You can be confident that the color is much better than shows here.

I will keep this one for my personal collection ....

"Orange on Blue" Oil on panel
Tiny Treasure #70
8x10" NFS-

Cup 'n Pear

I'm sure some of you other artists have gone through major remodels while trying to retain your sanity and continue to slap paint on panel - hoping not too much dust settles on the surface before you finish . . . well, that's right where I am right now - my 'little' studio is in my dining room, but seems to be working well from the results I'm getting lately.

I love the intricate hand-painted design on this cup and at one point had it quite detailed, but stepping back, it commanded much too much attention, so off it came with a quick swipe of my stiff brush. I wanted to focus more on the inside of the cup and the attitude of the pear.

A small challenge as always was the handle - an odd angle when looking down. I love some of the subtle edges that have happened around the upper left of the cup.

This is a perfect piece for your kitchen or sitting room!
"Cup 'n Pear" Oil on Panel
Tiny Treasure #69
8x10" $100-
SOLD Thanks Tracy C.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Mamma

I had a great time painting this piece!
The peppers at the grocery were huge
and the colors were so vibrant!

This piece is 8x10"
Oil on masonite

"Hot Mamma"
$100. +tx+shipping
First person to email me at
painting. Put "Hot Mamma" in the subject line.
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