Friday, November 28, 2008

San Casciano Visit

San Casciano was the first hill town we visited. Our Italian bus driver, Bruno, quickly became a friend and 'tour guide' to us all. Speaking in broken English, he would describe important sites as we sped by, narrowly missing this motorbiker or that mini cooper. He was insistent that we be back at the bus at exactly 4:00 because they didn't like him to park for longer than 10 minutes!

I managed to be late only once the whole time, and that's only because I found an art store in the town of Lucca, 'my town.' I say that because I am actually writing a novel that is based in Lucca - one of the reasons I went to Italy.

Anyway San Casciano - wonderful open air markets, delicious food, and wonderful reference material for paintings! The colors! So rich and unabashedly slapped on buildings creating mosaic patterns that are a joy to paint. Just another excuse to push paint around!

Here you see the view when you turn your back to the marketplace. Click on images to enlarge.
...below is detail of painting

"San Casciano Visit"
Oil on Panel $100 SOLD Thanks P.T. of Wenatchee
First person to email me at claims this painting and will be sent an invoice from PayPal with tax and shipping included. Please put 'San Casciano Visit' in the subject line of email.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Walk to Villa Poggio

Memories of my journey to Italy bloom daily, offering rich hues and tantalizing aromas just as if I were sitting once again on the spacious lawn of our Villa looking out over the frog pond. The kitten would jump in my lap and beg for attention. Children giggled in the distance. Our chef offered a symphony of kettle music.

These little jewels will all turn into Tiny Treasures that I hope you will enjoy over the next several months. Here is one that is a view on the way back up to the Villa from the main road after being dropped off by the city bus.

"Walk to Villa Poggio"
Oil on panel 5x7" $100.00
First person to email me at claims this painting and will be sent a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping added. Put 'walk' in subject line.

Detail of the painting.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Home from Italy

Jenessa has returned from Italy

What an adventure I was blessed with.
Italy of course is known for its 'light' and
truly it is 'different' from anywhere I've been.

I have realized one of my dreams. It wasn't always easy but it was always marvelous. We worked hard at painting. Laughed until we cried. Enjoyed being spoiled by our own personal chef every night. Lived for 14 days in our own Villa with views straight out of "Under the Tuscan Sun." Traveled and painted in Monteriggioni, Lucca, Voltera, San Gimignano, Florence, where we met 'David,' Michelangelo's sculpture, and more. We shuddered at the traffic and the motorbike riders who never hesitated to pass us whether or not there was a corner or hill ahead, knowing that somehow they'd be fine! We marveled at our weather in October - several 80 degree days! And, best of all - shared wine, hard-boiled eggs and stories with long-time friends and made new ones, both whom have changed my life!
Here you will see several paintings I painted while I was in Italy. Right now I am not willing to sell them. They will be my memories. But I may well create prints of a few of them.

If you are interested in owning a print of one of these paintings, let me know which one you are interested in. Do come back often as I will be painting more Tiny Treasures using my reference notes and photos.
Again, thank you all, my Tiny Treasure fans for supporting the arts!

Jennifer (Jenessa)

(painting at top - "Volterra Morning")

Italy Palms at Michelangelo Square (overlooking Florence)

Villa Poggio Vista (looking out towards Florence from our Villa)

Volterra Afternoon (same view as Volterra Morning but using complementary colors)

Monteriggioni Geraniums (this is a common sight in Italy - flowers in windows)