Monday, March 31, 2008

Project Italy 4

Brushstrokes are the magic that make a painting come to life. In this small piece, you can feel the energy of this small cottage because the strokes were layed on with confidence and boldness. I began this piece en Plein air last Fall, but when I brought it into the studio it literally fell flat - it had no character! So I tried to ignore it
until this weekend, when it finally called to me -

So I gave it new life - added fat brushstrokes and rich color - and wow! How fun was that!!

Visit my website to view a closeup and see all the luscious brushstrokes!

Every day I drive by this little house that I believe was a picker's cabin in its better days. I pray that they don't tear it down - it just sits there in an open field with this wonderful huge tree behind it, lonely, waiting. I'd like to move it onto my property and turn it into a playhouse or a small studio. Then it would be at "home."
[and now yes, they have torn it down - so disappointing]

"Pickers Cabin 5" $100. + shipping +wsst
First person to email me
will receive a PayPal invoice. You don't need a PayPal account either!
All proceeds go towards my October Italy trip.

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pattrsnd said...

What wonderful bright colors in this piece Jennifer...lovely work!