Sunday, August 17, 2008

August Orange

There's something about orange.

The color I mean. I must not use it much.

I will now - it is luscious! And so many variations of 'orange' to play with. To squish around on the panel, push into each other, creating yet another wild 'orange.'

Again my goal here was to create the 'juiciness' of an orange. Can you taste the orange? The aroma has permeated my small dining room studio, daring me to take a bite before I'm finished painting it.

I rather enjoyed looking closely at these slices - noticing the lime green edges, the touches of blue on the shadow side. Again I emphasized the composition - the skeleton of a painting - the knife creating an energetic diagonal with the circular motion of the plate upon which the slices are perched.

Because I paint in such a loose style, you will continually see something new within these Tiny Treasures. A perfect color spot for your home or office!
"August Orange" 8x10 Tiny Treasure #71
Oil on Panel $100.
SOLD Thanks Don R. of Wenatchee

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