Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cup 'n Pear

I'm sure some of you other artists have gone through major remodels while trying to retain your sanity and continue to slap paint on panel - hoping not too much dust settles on the surface before you finish . . . well, that's right where I am right now - my 'little' studio is in my dining room, but seems to be working well from the results I'm getting lately.

I love the intricate hand-painted design on this cup and at one point had it quite detailed, but stepping back, it commanded much too much attention, so off it came with a quick swipe of my stiff brush. I wanted to focus more on the inside of the cup and the attitude of the pear.

A small challenge as always was the handle - an odd angle when looking down. I love some of the subtle edges that have happened around the upper left of the cup.

This is a perfect piece for your kitchen or sitting room!
"Cup 'n Pear" Oil on Panel
Tiny Treasure #69
8x10" $100-
SOLD Thanks Tracy C.

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