Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stash your stuff like a squirrel before winter!!

My friend and I left our paint boxes at home today and, knowing it would be a long cold winter, grabbed our cameras and headed to the great outdoors to gather reference material. I glanced at my camera and noticed it only showed 210 pictures remaining . . . but no time to delete images. Not to worry – I only shot 133 photos!

The afternoon was mild and sunny with shocking golds and reds plastered against a cerulean sky just asking to be preserved. We shot close-ups of leaves dancing on whirlpools, rock walls chiseled by rain and snow and clothed in moss, and little treasures like the shot above.

There’s still time to gather your stash like a good squirrel!
What will you paint when it’s 10 degrees out?

Jennifer Evenhus

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