Saturday, July 30, 2011

20 Paintings in 5 Days - Painting Five

We found a fabulous lavender farm about 15 minutes up the road from where we are "camping." Yes, I know, this is not lavender. Along with the lavender, there were wonderful bunches of poppies here and there, and being my favorite flower to paint, I couldn't resist. What struck me with this composition were the seed pods punching out of the middle of the bunch of poppies. The color is subtle yet strong and I punched it up a bit with the turquoise. Poppies of course are always a challenge especially if there is a breeze. Love the contrast of the blue sky behind the red poppies.
This plein air piece is 9x12" on LaCarte


Linda Popple said...

You're doing great with your challenge! I like all your paintings and impressed that you can do so many in such a short time!

Carol Flatt said...

Jen, this is GORGEOUS! Just beautiful and great composition! Lots of fun!!!