Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bluebirds Over Mustard Field

This is the second plein air piece done Saturday in the foothills above Spokane. I was driving around looking for a scene to paint. I drove up a hill and looked around. Nothing really struck me until I turned all the way around and saw the mustard fields below me. I knew I wanted to paint this scene but I also knew it had to be abstract. I wanted to capture the "feeling" of the place. The "soul" of the place. I paused for a while letting the air seep into my skin. The sweet aroma of just-cut alfalfa brought back childhood memories.
Charcoal in hand, I placed a line, a smudge, a curve. Using the mustard field as my impetus, the place became mine.
9x12" pastel on Wallis

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Casey Klahn said...

These two are awesome, Jen. Love your interpretation of my stomping grounds.