Thursday, December 29, 2011


"Blue Detour" challenged me to keep working after I wanted to stop. The goal was simplification. I think I accomplished that but when I came back to the painting after two days, it cried out to me - "hello - you are not listening!"  I ignored it. Walked past it. Organized my office. Cleaned my pallette. Next day I stood in front of it for ten minutes - listening. "Hello - I need some purple!"  Of course! I added the purple and blue as you see it. Bingo!
"Blue Detour"   8x8" oil on panel   $150 unframed
First person to email me with "Blue Detour" in the subject line claims the painting and will be sent a PayPal invoice with shipping and tax included.

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Carol Flatt said...

Your colors are thrilling, Jennifer. And I love the shapes you put together. Your work is wonderful!!