Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Whispering Ridge"

"Whispering Ridge" is a study in design. This piece works because the composition is super strong. It's eye-catching too because of the strong colors - red, orange, purple . . . and pink!  All in one small landscape!  I drove up this morning in search of designs in nature. Up to the heights I went and stopped on a hairpin turn, parked and looked out. That's it! Of course the landscape in front of me is always just a jumping off point - I change colors, move trees, and create my own story. This could almost be a novel - don't tempt me!  Here again I wanted to check the values and was pleased to see that I am spot on as you can see below. I almost like it better in black and white! You can clearly see the design without the color  . . .
"Whispering Ridge"  8x6"  pastel on LaCarte  NFS

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Colleen Sanchez said...

Love your sense of color and composition.