Friday, March 28, 2014


SOUTHWEST week here in Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree has been a kick . . . so glad I brought my pastels - looking back on these is magical . . . the layers of orange and turquoise, the mark-making, the decision-making, it's all just a... big experiment backed up by 40+ years of painting. Each of these paintings began with a "plan" - a design, a pattern, a feeling - contemplation on which color to use when... continually asking myself "what if . . . " what if I put purple over the orange and let just a bit peek through; what if I put marks here and then partially cover them up; what if that spikey plant behind the cactus turned into a black and white design . . . WANT TO LEARN MORE? Take an Evenhus pastel workshop - Beginners workshop in Wenatchee "Discover Pastels" May 16-17 at Pybus Market Event Center - still room for a few more; "Mood, Magic, & Melody" in Springfield, OR at Emerald Art Center Aug. 14-17 ... email me for more info on either - Please share with your friends! Thanks

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