Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Daisies

Winter Daisies began as a traditional still life, but I quickly became bored with it. My goal for my work is to be way past 'traditional' cause that just ain't me. I love pushing paint around, and I like the idea of the viewer being able to 'kind of' tell what it is they are looking at, but we, as viewers need to have 'input' - to put ourselves, our experiences, into the work of art. That keeps the artwork fresh and ever-changing. So when you wake up and look at the painting day after day, you will see something new in it, or to put it another way, it will sing a different song for you each day. That's the joy of owning good art.
See a detail of it below.
"Winter Daisies"
12x12" Oil on panel $200
First person to email me at will claim the painting and will receive a PayPal invoice with tax and shipping included. Please put "Winter Daisies" in the subject line of the email.

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