Thursday, June 05, 2014

OK BIG CHANGES... I love how this talked to me and gave me permission to trash it in order to explore its possibilities... and I like it much better now - I was willing to let it go rather than "settle" on a piece that just wasn't working ... that circle form was pulling the eye in too much so had to get rid of it... I just started pushing in pastel, nice and thick, going over and over different sections - really changed up the composition - scrubbed out parts, softened others, just right now!
"Marsh Madness"  12x18" Pastel on UArt 320

IMAGE FROM BELOW WITH MORE CHANGES ... Subtle but I like them ... Notice I still have my signature there ... like I'm done! Something just isn't sitting right with me... Then .... See above


ON MY EASEL a couple evenings ago ... lots of action here ...this was originally a vertical but turned it around and like it better this way... The joy of abstract! 

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