Monday, May 15, 2017

"Upon a Clearing"

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

"Upon a Clearing"   8x10  Oil on Revived Panel
Simplify simplify! Palette knife is sooo challenging... you have to think
every stroke, especially working wet in wet  
....CHANGED background tree shapes... pushed them back, and pulled paint off so they feel lighter...  These are great studies in composition - how to change the landscape to get a good composition, color studies - working with small adjustments of color, taking things out, changing their size - and then to do it all using a palette knife - something I haven't done much of but have seen some artist's work that I love that use a palette knife... so I'm giving it a try - this would be a piece of cake in pastel - but then how do you learn if you do the same thing over and over!

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