Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 "The Audacity of Nature"  18x12 Pastel

One of my recent pastel paintings . . . and one of my all-time favs!
This was done from reference from Icicle River in Washington State.
I used one ref. photo for the river and another for the rock cliff.
This was a joy to paint. I took my time with this one. Leaving it each
day after about an hour or two of painting so I could come back
with fresh eyes and be sure what it needed - how much it needed,
how much to leave out, what to change, what to adjust. 
I love how the lighting turned out here, and the reflection of the
light in the river. It blows my mind how I was able to make the river
look flat and the cliff look vertical!  How does that happen?
This is available for purchase. Email me at evenhus@hotmail.com
or go to my website www.jenevenhus.com to purchase there.

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